[rescue] Help with my Ultra 5

Shawn Wallbridge shawn at synack-hosting.com
Mon Aug 15 20:50:30 CDT 2005

Paul Mantz wrote:
> I recently bought a 440 MHZ to upgrade my box with, and when i threw
> it in, it doesn't boot up.  Should I have done something beforehand,
> or is it just a bunk chip?
> Also, with the same box, I'm having problems getting X11 running.
> Could someone else with an Ultra 5 please mail me a working copy of
> xorg.conf?
> Thanks a bunch,
> Paul Mantz

You might have to update OBP (OpenBoot Prom) before it will work. I had 
to before I could go from a 270MHz to a 333MHz.

I think the instructions are online, but I started a solaris install and 
it asked me if I wanted to update at some point. Once it was done I 
installed the processor and it worked fine.


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