[rescue] FS: Sun, SGI, PC stuff; rack.

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sun Aug 14 03:49:15 CDT 2005

Wow, I've got quite a bunch of stuff here - I didn't realize I had  
this much! I'll take pictures of anything, and I'll try to get any  
other information you require. Contact me offlist.

First a summary, and then details.
* Sun Ultra AXmp
* Sun Ultra 2
* Sun D1000
* Sun 711
* Sun Ultra AXe board (x2), proc and RAM (x1)
* SGI Iris Indigo (x2)
* SGI Iris Indigo keyboard and mouse (x2)
* SGI 320 PSU
* Rackmount rails
* Rack, 24U
* PC, 1U rackmount, no processor/drives
* HP Kayak motherboard (ATX dual P3)
* SuperMicro Super P6DLS (ATX dual P2) (broken?)
* Trenton TR-T2VPCI (PCISA Single Board Computer)
* PCISA Backplane, model number PCI-19S
* Compaq IA-2
* Grab-bag-o-RAM

Sun Ultra AXmp, rebadged as an Integrix RS450.
* The AXmp was a board that Sun sold to OEMs.
* Data sheet here: www.sun.com/oem/products/manuals/axmp_datasheet.pdf
* OEM tech manual here: www.sun.com/oem/products/manuals/805-5865-07.pdf
* I can't seem to find the more detailed info from Sun's site...
     (does Sun no longer host all the docs it used to host?)
* 4x400MHz UltraSparc II processors
* 16 RAM slots, half filled, w/ 1GB of RAM. Can take 2GB max, perhaps  
* 2 half-height SCA disk slots, hot swappable, one w/ a 4GB disk. No OS.
* 6 usable PCI slots.
     * One with a 100mbit ethernet (hme?)
     * The other with an ATi Mach 64 Rage II PCI card.
* 5U rackmount case with holes for rails.
* shipped, is 90lbs, 30x30x18"
* I'd like $800 plus shipping on this guy, but please make me an offer.
* Bonus: comes with an extra 1GB of RAM that may or may not work.

Sun Ultra 2:
* third-party rackmount (3U) all-metal case. Ventilated on the sides.
     * It's difficult to swap disks in and out in this case.
     * No space for internal CDROM. However HDDs may be half- or full- 
* 2x167MHz procs
* 256MB of RAM in 4 slots.
* single 9GB disk. Maybe 2 of them if you're nice.
* Creator framebuffer of some kind - Creator3d?.
* shipping is heavier than most U2s; the case is a rather thick metal..
* $45 plus shipping.
* I'll add a keyboard and mouse for another $10.

Sun D1000:
* the 12-disk 1/3-height flavor.
* The whole door comes off when you open it. It stays on just fine  
* has the rackmount ears. These things seem to be hard to find.
* I'd like to get at least $100 plus shipping, but feel free to make  

Sun 711:
* the twelve-slot variety.
* untested, but believed working.
* $25 plus shipping.

Sun Ultra AXe:
* an ATX system board that Sun sold to OEMs. Kidna PC-ish.
* no on-board SCSI, but IDE, video, serial, 3 PCI slots, takes PS/2  
* I have two boards, one 300MHz processor, and 256MB of RAM
* $10 for only the board, untested.
* $20 for a board, processor, and RAM, tested together.
* I've also got an LSI dual SCSI card that works in these. Tested. $15.
* prices above do not include shipping.

SGI Iris Indigo:
* got two of them. No clue what's in them.
* Tried several times to make them boot, and at least one boots to  
* both believed working; self believed incompetent. However, no  
* each has one disk and some kind of video out the back (not the same).
* Best offer.

SGI Iris Indigo keyboard and mouse:
* also have two of each.
* $15/keyboard and $25/mouse.

Power supply for the SGI 320:
* the 320 was a dual P3 machine that SGI sold that ran Windows or Linux
* It took a special PSU. This is it.
* I think I paid $15 for it and I've never tested it. Best offer.

Rackmount rails:
* two pair.
* $15/pair or $25 for both pair, plus shipping.

* Half-height rack, 24U
* Formerly DEC I believe
* Heavy. You probably don't want to ship this, but I will if you like.
* I will deliver this if you are close for just a tank of gas.
* Highest offer takes it. Even if it's close to nothing.

* Rackmount (1U). Has rack ears.
* 2 hotswap slots for 1/3-height hard drives, but I only have one  
tray. :(
* SCSI backplane. The drives can be IDE, but they won't hotswap  
* Dual P3 motherboard w/ SCSI (socket 970). No processors.
* 512MB or 1GB of RAM in 4 low-profile DIMMs.
* one PCI-X slot w/ riser.
* no PSU.
* $40 plus shipping.

HP Kayak XU800 board
* ATX dual P3 (slot 1) motherboard, w/ SCSI, 64-bit PCI, AGP, sound.
* includes the *RDRAM* memory board, supporting up to 2GB (I think)
* I believe this works in a normal ATX case.
* $20? plus shipping.

SuperMicro Super P6DLS
* ATX dual P2 (slot 1) motherboard
* SCSI, PCI, ISA, AGP, 4xDIMM, IDE, sound, USB
* this may not work. I don't remember, actually.
* $5 plus shipping, or free plus shipping if you buy anything else.

Trenton TR-T2VPCI (PCISA Single Board Computer)
* 200MHz?, 64MB? SIMMs, IDE, SCSI, floppy, video, serial, keyboard.
* tested working
* I have some (digital) documentation on this, jumper settings and such.
* $12 plus shipping, or $20 w/ backplane (below)

PCISA Backplane, model number PCI-19S
* 2x PCISA slots
* AT and ATX connectors
* 4x PCI slots; 13x ISA slots.
* very large board. Seems to have ATX mounting holes?
* tested working
* $12 plus shipping, or $20 w/ SBC (above)

Compaq IA-2
* Internet appliance, 15" CRT tube w/ a 233 (?) MHz x86 proc inside.
* It's rather like a PC-version of the 1st gen iMacs.
* Can put small disk or cf card in there, run a whole OS.
* untested but believed working.
* $50, plus shipping.

* grab-bag of RAM. small stuff, 64MB-128MB variety.
* Completely untested, though I've identified a lot of it.
* Lots of EDO/ECC PC RAM.
* 25-35 sticks.
* $40 shipped.

I'm located in Leander, TX, near Austin. Shipping will be from zip  
code 78641. If you're around here, I'll even drive and meet you  

Haggle with me. Most of these items I just want to leave my premises  
at this point. Anything I don't sell will go to Goodwill or eBay.

  - Micah R Ledbetter

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