[rescue] SGI ST19171FC disks in a Sun Enterprise Network Array?

Daniel Leeds cosmos at hepcat.org
Fri Aug 5 03:32:35 CDT 2005

On Aug 4, 2005, at 11:37 AM, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> Adaptec Fiberchannel card? :)
> You might try a cheap-o QLogic QLA2100 in a PC running Linux (or a Sun
> box with built-in FC adapter running Solaris), connected to a FC JBOD,
> and use sformat to format the disks to the correct sector size if this
> is indeed the problem.

yeah yeah a quick email before work should have had a "this is just 
something to suggest a direction".  had scsi on my mind since i just 
recovered a couple 50pin drives via adaptec format for my indy and 
challenge s machines.

a qlogic 2200 works great especially if you own sgi equip with pci 
since irix 6.5 recognizes them off the bat ;)  should also work in 
suns, qlogic runs well cross platform.

im sure the OP has the issue solved by now though :)

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