[rescue] SGI ST19171FC disks in a Sun Enterprise Network Array?

Daniel Leeds cosmos at hepcat.org
Thu Aug 4 12:03:24 CDT 2005

what model/make of sgi array?  if its one of the rebadged clariion/emc 
models it's using that 520 byte sector size.  im rusty but i believe 
the basic sun arrays use the standard 512.  this is usually one of the 
first gotchas.  ive always reformatted them with something like the 
adaptec utilities by slapping an adaptec card and drives into a pc.   
sgis low level formatting utils (fx) dont work too well and the pc 
formatting was always easy.

this is how i go the other way as well.  replacing my clariion drives 
and even my netapp drives by buying cheap stock drives off ebay and 
reformatting them to the 520 size both those vendors expect.

hope this helps

On Aug 4, 2005, at 9:50 AM, Michael Thompson wrote:

> I have a bunch of ST19171FC Fibrechannel disks that came from a SGI 
> installed one in my  Enterprise Network Array. The disk was recognized,
> failed whatever startup testing was done, and disabled.
> I suspect that the disk box doesn't like the SGI firmware in the 
> drives.
> Is it possible to reflash the firmware in the SGI drives with Sun 
> firmware
> even if they will not go online?
> Michael Thompson
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