[rescue] Ultra 20 in UK

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Aug 3 05:54:56 CDT 2005

Some Sun salescritter called me yesterday because we used to do loads
of CAD stuff on Sun kit before we turned into an ISP, changed the
name, and changed the phone number. These salespeople can be
persistent in finding you :)

Anyway, after explaining that the only Sun kit we have left is a
well-out-of-support Ultra 10 running an ancient SunOS that we use once
a month to print off files in legacy formats, and an Ultra 1 we use as
a boot-scraper, and that we now buy grey-box PCs as they're dirt
cheap, I threw him a line by mentioning that I was planning to buy
myself an Athlon64 desktop and that the new Ultra 20 would be under
consideration if it wasn't only available in the USA.

It appears that they're coming out at the end of this month, and I
managed to extract some more information.

A63-LWB1-AE-512-DR (Opteron 144, ATI graphics, 512MB non-ECC RAM, 80GB
SATA) for #530

A63-LFB1-AC-1GB-DR (Opteron 148, Quadro NVS280 graphics, 1GB ECC RAM,
80GB SATA) for #830
A63-LGB1-AD-2GB-GE (Opteron 152, Quadro FX1400 graphics, 2GB ECC RAM,
250GB SATA) for #1,600.

I assume those prices are ex VAT. That does make them about the same
price as the same thing in the UK.

Things like keyboards - and even kettle leads - are optional, and in
some cases, expensive, extras. #179.55 for a 250GB SATA disk of
unspecified manufacturer when I can pick up a rather nice 300GB
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 for #94.20? I don't think so.

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