[rescue] SS1000E CPU question...

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sat Apr 30 16:12:56 CDT 2005

> > As it is I figured out that since I only have one drive tray I can run
> > a mirror of two 73Gig drives for data without having cooling issues.
> > (As well as the OS drive in the 5.25" bay.)
> >
> Well, there's room for 4 1 inch high 50 pin drives (if you've got the
> brackets) in the main drive bay behind the metal front panel.

Never saw one without the mounting for those 4 drives.

> Having the drive tray lets you add more drives at the expense of losing a
> slot for a CPU board, and you can use SCA drives there.

Yup. And it takes those silly ugly purple plastic drive mounts so they
should be cheap and easy to get. The one thing to remember is that you will
need to run a SCSI cable to the machine from the sled. Kooky huh?

> I've never put a drive in the bay with the CD-ROM, but I can't see why you
> couldn't.

I have. Works just peachy.

> Yes, your electric bill will go up when you turn it on. It's also a great
> heater. The biggest thing for me was it is LOUD. My best SS1000 accessory
> was the 20 foot keyboard/video cable I found that let me put it in another
> room and still have a graphical head if I needed one. :-)

Holy makerel those are looong. And yes it is loud. Very loud. Did I mention
it was loud?

> An yes, CPU "modules" refers to Mbus modules - two per CPU board. My
> has a mix of SM51 and SM61 for a total of 8 CPU's.

With the right ROM revision you can run SM-71's. Mmmmm. 2 GB of memory and 8
x SM-71 goodness. Oh dear. I have a chub now.

I have always been fond of the SS1K. I've had many come through my hands
over the years. Could never bring myself to pay the power bill to run one


Mike N

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