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Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Apr 29 05:20:50 CDT 2005

Steve Jones <smj0501 at crash.com> wrote:
> Uhm, guys? Unless somebody changed my meds when I wasn't looking,
> each tmpfs created is a unique, isolated filesystem. If /fs1 and
> /fs2 are both empty tmpfs filesystems, and you create a file
> /fs1/foo, you will *not* see /fs2/foo. Each tmpfs is allocated pages
> from VM that are dedicated to that tmpfs.

Linux shm/tmpfs works like this too, and it allows you to set the
maximum size of it on a per-mount basis.

Although I've been warned against it on Solaris, I had a play on Linux
and I find it handy. Instead of creating a /tmp partition, I just add
it to the swap space, and create a tmpfs that's limited in size, so
there's no increased risk to the system through resource exhaustion.

Using tmpfs instead of ext2 (or whatever) is a win because bdflush
doesn't have to commit the files to disk, leaving the spindles to do
more interesting things.

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