[rescue] i'm in love

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Apr 28 23:18:21 CDT 2005

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Brian Howe wrote:

> I'm in SoCal (The OC baby!!!) and I'd sure like to have anything
> faster than an Ultra1 with a 143Mhz cpu. I like Sun, but I've never
> had the opportunity to play with SGI/Irix. I'm on a severely
> restricted budget ($25 per month or less) so ebay has been pretty much
> out of the question for me.

If you can scratch up shipping from 78621 (roughly $40 - $50) for an
Indigo2 R4xxx with whatever graphics card I can dig up, consider it
yours.  I'm not the fastest shipper in the world, but these things are
in my way. :)

The offer remains open to anyone on this list until I have only one
R4400 and one R10000 left, since I still develop for IRIX and need a
pair of test boxes.  Memory and graphics will vary, but I don't think
I have anything slower than XZ, and most are SI.  Each will have one
hard drive.  They're a bit scuffed up, but each system will work when
it leaves my workbench.

Of course, if anyone wants to toss in a token dollar amount or cool
small piece of VAX, Alpha, or RS/6000 kit (memory, cards, cables,
spares), I certainly wouldn't turn that down.

I have a taker on the Challenge/GR, but no one on the DEC 7000s.  I'll
part with one[0] of the 7000s (two processors, unknown memory, LOTS of
XMI SCSI) for -free- if someone picks it up (or if you pay for a rental
truck and split deisel with me).

[0] I could possibly be bribed to part with both.  Probably quite
     easily--they chew up a lot of floor.
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