[rescue] i'm in love

Brian Howe bwhowe at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 22:32:14 CDT 2005

Well, allllllrrriiighty then!

I'm in SoCal (The OC baby!!!) and I'd sure like to have anything faster than
an Ultra1 with a 143Mhz cpu. I like Sun, but I've never had the opportunity
to play with SGI/Irix. I'm on a severely restricted budget ($25 per month or
less) so ebay has been pretty much out of the question for me.

If anyone wants to donate, the systems are going to a good home where they
will be cared for and looked after very well.


On 4/28/05, Sheldon T. Hall <shel at tandem.artell.net> wrote:
> Brian Howe wrote ...
> > So, since you don't need any other machines are you going to
> > be donating to
> > those of us who are less fortunate on the rescue list? :)
> You should post something like "I'm in Seattle and I'd sure like a rack
> Onyx, if anyone has one that's in their way."
> A lot of the stuff we're rescuing isn't worth the big bucks it would take
> to
> ship, and not everyone wants everything, so a potential donor's knowing
> your
> location and inclination is a Good Thing.
> -Shel
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