[rescue] i'm in love

Steve Jones smj0501 at crash.com
Thu Apr 28 18:56:33 CDT 2005

Well, thanks for not pointing out my butchered subject line... ;^)

>> Huh? These are tmpfs filesystems, and this seems to me like a fine
>> and appropriate use.
> What, mounting the same block of storage in multiple locations?  That
> doesn't seem reasonable at all.  If they all three suck up swap, and all
> three suck up available space frmo each other, they should be the same
> mount point.

The potential resource contention is what I addressed in the rest of my
note. No, they shouldn't be created with the maximum size available. But
if created with an appropriate size/limit at mount/creation time, this
is a fine thing.

You do know that you can limit the size of these at creation time? I
always have to go find which boot script is creating the one or two that
aren't created out of /etc/vfstab and edit it to add a size limit to it
when setting up a new Solaris install...

	example# mount -F tmpfs -o size=256m,nosuid swap /var/run

I don't have a Solaris machine handy to confirm this on, but you get
the idea.

Create each tmpfs with an appropriate size, and you have no issue with
resource contention. I think the use of tmpfs for something that's
supposed to be ephemeral across reboots is kinda neat, but tastes vary.
Heck I didn't like it the first time I saw it, but that was ages ago...


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