[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Apr 28 15:23:15 CDT 2005

>users are coddled too much.  Wes's situation sounds like
>it bites big time.  But the reality of it is, without users, we're
>all out of jobs.

Yeah, helpdesk sucks like an F-15 intake.  Chew you up and spit you out in
little bitty pieces.  

(Everybody has seen three dead trolls in a baggie, "internet help desk,"
yes?  Email me privately if not.  It's a riot.)

I could cope with the users, more often than not, even the belligerently
STUPID ones, if it weren't for the mismanager in charge of the outfit.
She's the one with the permanent case of cranial-rectal inversion, the
embodiment of the Peter Principle in "Business Casual."  This one is
perniciously, wilfully ignorant, with a side of inferiority complex,
exacerbated because she knows I know, and she also knows that I don't try
to hide it when it comes up in conversation with someone bewildered at how
complicated a simple thing can be when idiots are making the decisions that
run the place.

"But WHY is this so screwed up?  All I want is a XXXXX!"
"Because the manager of this department won't admit when she doesn't know,
but makes something up on the fly without asking.  She says you have to
jump through four more flaming hoops before we can tell you, 'no.'"  Policy
by whimsy.

To make it worse, her management 'style' is "Mommy."  I haven't needed
mommying in several decades.

wes will

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