[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Apr 28 10:18:17 CDT 2005

>It is amusing, isn't it?  But it gets old after a while...

after this many years it is absolutley excruciating.  most mornings it is
all i can do to come in here.

i even went back and got a master's in info security to help get an out
from htis nightmare.  hasn't worked yet, but i keep hoping something opens
up.  (before the ascension to the throne of her majesty the buffoon, i
taught undergrads in internships on such things as basic unix/linux/bsd sys
admin, care and feeding of apache and mta's, basic dns, that sort of thing.
 since she sat down i have been given no students.... i used to very much
enjoy teaching.)

were i still single or had i no dependents or obligations of other form
(mortgages, and grandchildren are fun but they tend to tie you down) i
would be out of here like a shot.

wes will

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