[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Apr 28 09:13:32 CDT 2005

>I'm not picking on anyone here, but i think as a whole, IT/MIS people
>coddle users much too much.

the little barstitch apparently didn't -feel- coddled.  he b*tched to my
boss about how mean i was to him.  but he shut his pie-hole when i asked
him, in front of the boss, whether he got his data back, and if he knew how
not to get caught in the same crack next time.

the boss later tried to take me to task over my 'attitude' and was quite
taken aback when i immediately stopped her in mid-diatribe, told her that
if she had complaints to take them up with the grievance board, and not
bother me ever again with any more student idiots with their stupid floppy
disks if she was going to say even one more word.  her teeth actually
clicked when she shut her mouth.

i'm the only person left in what used to be the tier three support area,
for a campus of roughly 20,000 students, 6,000 staff and faculty, at about
a dozen major locations (and a lot of small satellite offices).  she has
been warned by her boss, that since they can't pay me worth a pile of feces
and won't give me much in the way of decent equipment to work with, she had
better not risk losing me because of bad working conditions.

i think i managed to convey to her yesterday (finally) that her running her
mouth about such idiocy was "bad working conditions".  the technical
support dept. is (mis)managed by this buffoon, who is so proud of her MBA.
she knows NOTHING about what i do, doesn't understand even the slightest
bit about technical management, but knows that there are several hundred
people on this campus who will be hunting her down if i quit.

it's about the only reason i have left for staying here in this hell-hole -
making this moron squirm.

wes will

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