[rescue] decisions, decisions

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Thu Apr 28 08:30:43 CDT 2005

Peter Corlett wrote:
> My take on OSes and hardware is that you should make the most
> appropriate match:
> SPARC: Solaris
> x86: Debian
> m68k: whatever it came with (AmigaOS or MacOS 7 in the case of my pile)

I would merely question the specification of Debian as "most
appropriate" for x86 hardware.  Linux, sure; but which distribution will
be best depends what you're going to do with it.  There's applications
for which Debian is the best Linux choice.  There's also many others for
which it isn't.  (Debian is great if you want stability and don't care
about being up-to-date, but poor if you need to be on the bleeding edge,
for example.)

> I'm not sure you can really describe PHP as a thin layer over the top
> of libc. PHP is what Microsoft would invent if they were trying to
> clone Perl.

Heh.  ;)  I've heard it cited that PHP is the most common single
compromise route for Apache servers.  I've never understood the point of
PHP, frankly -- it doesn't seem to do anything that cannot be done with
equal facility in Perl.

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