[rescue] Prices... Amazing

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 27 18:54:30 CDT 2005

Just did some looking around on Ebay in the
workstation/server areas, haven't done that in a
while. Systems are getting ridiculously cheap. Blade
100s for less than $250. U5/10/30 for less than $100.
Same with Octanes/O2s. Big Origin 2000s for less than
$1000 with lots of fast processors. HP dual processor
400mhz+ 1gb ram+ workstations for $350. Dual 2.8ghz,
1gb ram Xeons with SCSI for $500! Mac prices are still
crazy high although the Mini did drop a lot of the
prices to a much more reasonable level. IBM still
expensive for the most part. But anyway, serious
workstations that can do a lot of stuff are
ridiculously cheap now. It seems to me that never
before have such capable machines been this cheap. By
this I mean that I could purchase any  single one of
these machines and do everything I do on my main
workstation on it and be reasonably happy, something
that was not the case when, for example, the
SparcStations/Indigos were just becoming cheap. It is
also kind of sad as it seems that the workstation era
is coming largely to and end. Sun seems content to
frolic in AMD-land. PA-RISC, Alpha are dead. Fuel is
kinda boring and will be expensive for a long time.
Stuck on v12 still! Same with Terzo. Prizm is just
Itanium, extremely, extremely fast but in some sense
boring. Seems to me that the only real interesting
stuff now are the Macs but still way overpriced for
their speed. I guess I don't really have any specific
point, just some ramblings.


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