[rescue] decisions, decisions

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Wed Apr 27 15:28:56 CDT 2005

> Ultra 60, maxed out with 2G RAM, dual 450Mhz CPUs, CD-ROM,
> floppy, and dual 36G HDs.  No framebuffer, as I was planning
> to run it headless.
> Should I keep and use it as my Solaris 10 / OpenSolaris
> test/devel box, or should I try to sell/trade it and pick up
> an Opteron or AMD64-based CPU/motherboard/RAM and upgrade the
> BlueBox and run Solaris x86?

So the question is....

Run Solaris on a box native to Solaris and known to have excellent
physical quality and good performance, stability and heavy lifting


Run a version of Solaris that is still in development on comodity
hardware known to be of lesser physical quality that will have slightly
better light load performance but possibly worse heavy load performance.

Since it will be headless and you won't have to see any performance
differences I'd go with the Ultra 60. The hardcore work done by headless
systems often don't require fast CPU's, but better I/O and processor
design. GUI's and gadgets require faster CPU. Not that there's anything
wrong with GUI's and gadgets, but your specification leaves out GUI's.

I just don't see any advantage to an X86 box, especially one of unknown
quality (it doesn't exist yet, right?), other than being able to
evaluate Solaris/X86.

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