[rescue] More Ancient UNIX Ads & Articles

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Apr 27 11:22:28 CDT 2005

Bill Bradford wrote:
> I finally brought home some of my 12-year-old issues of UnixWorld magazine,
> and scanned some ironic, funny, and neat ads and articles.
> http://www.mrbill.net/unixworld/
> Multi-page ads and articles are PDFs, single-page ads are JPEGs.

Very cool.

I have some old issues of Byte, and some Atari magazines.

It is amazing to see the prices of the systems.  Things like $500 Atari 
8-bit computers, and $2500 5 *megabyte* hard drives.

What is equally amazing though, is just how much work I got done on a 
little Atari, or with nothing but a terminal on a timeshared computer 
with a printer available.

Most PC type people today will never understand how 50 of us shared a 
single system with 512K RAM, and got work done with VT100 terminals and 
an old line printer.

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