[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 27 11:34:08 CDT 2005

Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> I'm amazed at how many cases have negative case pressure, sucking in
> dust, have imbalanced fans (total flow rate is never (much) higher than
> the rate of the slowest fan set), have areas where heated air pools, and
> are mostly turbulence inside, not airflow.
> Of course, the PC case makes airflow hard, but it isn't impossible if
> you just use your head.
> Unfortunately, it can be hard to get positive case pressure, because
> there isn't much space for incoming fans in a PC case.

I usually manage to achieve it.  But for dust control, it's moot unless
you have an intake filter, which most cases (PC or otherwise) generally

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