[rescue] problems with CDROM on Ultras after opening

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Tue Apr 26 16:31:28 CDT 2005

On Apr 25, 2005, at 11:58 PM, Paxton Hoag wrote:

> Right you were, the door drive gear had split. In the Ultra 1 CD-ROM 
> drive, which I opened up, the gear had actually fallen off and was 
> loose inside. That is why the door opened and closed at the whim of 
> gravity. I don't know if I have any superglue but if I do I will try 
> it.

That might just do the trick.

> Both drives are 12 speeds, Toshiba XM-5701Bs.I suspect the Ultra 2 
> dive has the same problem. Can you substitute a CD/RW in place of the 
> CD. I have a couplle of Yamahas (2X & 4X, block selectable) I also 
> have a 4X Plextor CD/RW but I would rather not dismantle the external 
> case.

The block size needs to be set to 512 bytes for booting. [0]

> At the moment I am doing things the hard way, which all to common for 
> me. Looking in the parts box I found a SCSI 3 to SCSI 2 converter and 
> hooked up an original Sun single speed caddy type CD-ROM.I have the U2 
> installing Sol 8. It works but oh so slowly. Hmm I should be using the 
> external Plextor, it is at least 4 times faster that the one I am 
> using.

Ouch! ;-)

> I haven't been able to look at the U2 CD as it is still installing SW. 
> going on 7 hours now. I unpluged the internal CD to get the external 
> to work on ID 6.

Yepper slow. <Yoda> Painful it is. Yes.</Yoda>
> Thanks, everyone, for all the tips. It really helped.


Mike N

Proof that cats are smarter than dogs. You will *never* see 8 cats 
trying to drag a sled through a blizzard.

[0] On older machines like the 4, 4C and 4M etc. boxes you need the 
CD-ROM to be set to 512 byte block else they won't boot. They will read 
disks just fine otherwise. I have not been able to remember if this is 
true for Ultra machines or not even though I have a distinct memory of 
a U30 not behaving well until the jumper was set to 512.

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