[rescue] When is 100 less than 10?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Apr 26 14:12:16 CDT 2005

Jonathan C. Patschke writes ...
> That's pretty much vfe to a T.  Even if you get duplex/speed
> matched on
> both ends, it's still the slowest "fast" Ethernet on the planet.

Yeah, but it ought to be faster than 10baseT, right?  I don't expect 10
times as fast, but I do expect "faster."

The 3com EISA 100baseT card in my Indigo2, while it doesn't do real 100base
speeds, is still noticeably faster than the onboard 10base.  Not so with the
Challenge's vfe monster....

Maybe switching hubs will fix it.  It's hard to swap cables with one's
fingers crossed, though.


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