[rescue] Power and Imac

Atom rescue at port11.net
Mon Apr 25 22:26:26 CDT 2005

I just saved 2 macs from being tossed. One is a g3-600mhz iMac and  
the other one is a g4 powermac.

The G3-600 seems to have an issue with the CRT. When I power it up  
the screen slowly fades out until it's black and gone. The rest seems  
to work just fine.

The G4-400 Gigabit? desktop somehow starts to smell really bad after  
plugging in the power. It wont power up and will smell like burnt  
circuity. I "blame" the smell coming from the powersupply so anybody  
know where to get a "cheap" powersupply for those. Or if I can  
convert an ATX PSU besides the fact that ATX would not have +28v?

-- Thomas

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