[rescue] prioblems with CDROM on Ultras

Brian Howe bwhowe at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:36:36 CDT 2005

I have an ultra 1 at home and the cdrom tray exhibited the same weird
behavior as your ultra 2. I had bumped the drive open button accidentally
and I was unable to get it to close and remain there. I rebooted the box and
that seems to have done the trick.

I would shut it down, verify the cables are ok and connected properly,
reseat the drive and then try it again. If you have some compressed air I
would (carefully and gently) blow some inside the drive to see if there is
some dust causing havoc as well.

My $.02 fwiw.

On 4/25/05, Paxton Hoag <innfosun at gmail.com> wrote:
> A week ago I got two Ultras, a 1 for $5 and a 2 for $50.
> In trying to get them running I found the CD in the Ultra 1 is broke,
> won't go in or out, just grinds. Is it fixable?
> The one in the Ultra 2 just goes out and in but won't stay in. I am
> trying to load Soaris 8 from CD and I can't get the CD to stay in. It
> slides out when you turn it on. When you push the button it goes in for
> a few seconds and then pops out.
> Is the CD on the Ultra 2 bad also? Any tricks?
> They both came without hard drives. I did get the mounts with the Ultra 1.
> I just got a 4 gig for testing which is why I was trying to load SW.
> Paxton
> Astoria, OR
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