[rescue] Powernerd Garage Sale - Seattle, WA

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Mon Apr 25 10:41:00 CDT 2005

Bear writes ...

> I have got a whole pile of crap I need to divest myself of. I'm 
> accepting sealed bids on any or all until, let's say... 5 May. A week 
> and a half. I'll probably be posting more as I continue to organize 
> stuff. Almost any offer accepted.

[snip massive list] 

> * SGI Onyx / Challenge L SCIP Mezz SCSI (qty. 50+)
> 	- 3x F/W diff

Errrmmmm.  I can see having one or two spares, but 50?  I'm sure there's a
tale here.

BTW, I've forwarded your list to my wife.



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