[rescue] Spring Cleaning

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 24 21:28:02 CDT 2005

Hello All,
Some of this stuff has been around for far too long,
other bits I have just decided need to go. As such,
all of the following has to go (cept the BeBox, CPCI,
3Com) or it gets pitched. Make me an offer ranging
from $0-$1000 on each item and pick it up. Some stuff
(SGI monitor, 16500A Chassis, lunchbox, monitor) I
just want to get rid of without trashing. Or, make me
a larger offer if you want me to think about shipping
it. I will only reply if you are first/highest etc.
Items are "worked last time I tried, but AS-IS."
Again, pick-up is much preferred. 

SGI 20" w/remote
NCD 701 X-Term
(2) HP Envizex II terms
100baseT<=>100baseFX converter
CD-Rom tower, scsi
BeBox, 2x133mhz
(2) A/D, D/A boxes, balanced analog, optical in/out
CPCI system, SDI video in/out/processing, 2x850mhz P3,
512mb, scsi etc
Cisco FDDI Hub
Fibre Channel<=>SCSI board. Working condition unknown,
needs DIY love
Commodore 1084 monitor
3Com 3500, 12x100baseT, FDDI, 2xGigabit
IPC or IPX lunchbox
HP 16500A chassis, only for parts
HP 16500A, Oscope, LA cards

I am in Detroit, MI area, 48236. I would consider
trades for LCD monitors, a decent mac of some sort, or
a short 19" rack. 


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