[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sun Apr 24 17:18:21 CDT 2005

On Sun, Apr 24, 2005 at 05:59:49PM -0400, Aaron Finley wrote:
> Imac G5 17" - slowest piece of crap I have ever used. The interface is
> completely unresponsive. I would rather use a 486 then this. click
> WAIT click WAIT. I have to use one of a daily basis at college.

What are you talking about?  My iMac G5 17" (1.8Ghz, 1G RAM) is one of
the nicest machines I've ever used.  If it's a system with only the
factory 256M of RAM, that's the reason it's slow - 512M seems to be the
"sweet spot" for OS X.

I've got 512M in both of my 1.25ghz Mac minis, and they're *really*


bill bradford
houston, texas

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