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Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Sat Apr 23 14:13:04 CDT 2005

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Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
| The higher-end ones would certainly NOT be supported on anything other
| than AIX.  However, provided you don't require OFW support for your
| framebuffer (ie: willing to use SMS through a serial port), you can
| probably toss in any ol' PCI graphics adapter and Linux will DTRT.

Good stuff to know, yes I would need graphics. :)

| The only thing I -really- hate about my 43P-150 (not 44P) is the case
| design, which is the third-worst I've ever seen (the two worst being
| the Sun Ultra5/10 platform).  The system isn't terribly fast, but it's
| plenty usable for a desktop.  In fact, with a GXT800P, it's
| significantly snappier than this AXi, and nearly as much so as an
| Octane with MXI graphics.

Obviously you've never seen a Power Macibtosh 8xx or 8xxx. It is an
awful mess. It would take a thesis defense to convince me that this
IBM's case was any worse.

| The only reason it isn't on my desk is because I can't get two decent
| graphics heads on it due to the craptacular case design.  A pair of
| GXT800s would -rock-.

So, are saying that a fairly low-end 44P or 43P's graphics will make me
miss my 5 year old Radeon? Even though I basically only do 2D?

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