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Sat Apr 23 10:37:48 CDT 2005

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Mike Meredith wrote:
| You can't compare the speed of the system just by looking at how fast
| someone is spinning the crank handle ... different CPUs do a different
| amount of work in a single 'revolution'. And CPU speed isn't system
| speed ... my Octane frequently seems faster than my Blade2000 although
| according the SPEC CPU benchmarks, the Blade should stomp the Octane
| into the ground (probably because of the framebuffer).

Yes I know, see my previous e-mail for clarification. I was not
attempting to compare apples and oranges. But the benchmarks I had seen
put the U60 as being somewhat slower at 450 than the 1GHz machines,
hence my question.

| Yes a dual PIII system will be faster than an Ultra60, but probably not
| by as much as you might expect. On the other hand an Ultra60 will be
| more stable, and degrade less under load than a PIII. As an example, I'm
| often running a distributed.net client on my Octane, Sun, and PC laptop.
| I usually stop the client on the laptop when I'm actively using it as it
| slows down interactive use. I don't notice the difference on the Octane,
| or Sun.

These are the kind of things I am looking to hear. Thanks!

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