[rescue] The best 'rescue' workstation

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Sat Apr 23 10:26:38 CDT 2005

> James Fogg wrote:
> | On the other hand, they....
> | 1) Aren't as geekly as SGI
> | 2) May not have as much graphics software as SGI
> | 3) Are built by Sun which is now collaberating with the Devil
> | 4) Look rather PC'ish
> | 5) Require the rear case fan to be running as it cools the CPU's (I
> | often disable case fans because of noise)
> Interesting. Well, I should ask this then. Since this is
> replacing a Dual 1GHz PC, shouldn't we add 'slow' to that
> list? I realize you said speedy in the pros column, but I'm
> under the impression that a Ultra 60 will be somewhat slower
> than my 1GHz PC. Ultra 60s top out at 450MHz, correct?

I can't believe this question was asked on this list. CPU clocking has
nothing to do with performance. It's all about architecture and I/O
design. The Intel chip is a 20 year old design extended by marketroids
into the new milenium.

Depending on task, an Intel CPU is about equivalent to a decent CPU 1/2
to 1/3 it's clock speed. So, it will be about equivalent to your 1ghz
Intel box.

Now I gotta ask.... Are you trolling? Why, if you were so worried about
clock speed, did you ask the original question? If you want to replace
your Intel box with something more modern, that's fine. Seeding a war
isn't cool.

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