[rescue] E220R, E420R for sale or trade

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Thu Apr 21 12:12:58 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 20:35, Dave Venable wrote:
> I have 2 ea. Sun E420Rs and 1 ea. E220R, they are not tested but
> removed from a working shop. They have no cpus, hard drives. or
> memory. They are also missing the little purple trim thingie from the
> front. I have 2 Symbois (spelling?), pci Raid cards as well.
> Offers? Shipping  and packing from Boise ID

I have a feeling I won't be the highest offer, but I'll offer anyhow. :)
My offer is $50 for the E220R and $100 each with the E420Rs. Plus 
shipping of course.

I'm assuming the memory riser for the E420R's are included, correct?

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