[rescue] Sun and other gear available cheap!

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Apr 16 11:23:32 CDT 2005

> Other stuff:
> qty 6 IBM thin clients 8361-110
> - these ran either an embedded OS and X server, or
> you can netboot Linux or NetBSD (IIRC) from them.  
> - no power supply, I am told they take a 16V ThinkPad power supply
> - very small, about the size of a trade paperback book
> - have mounting holes so you can mount to a wall or under a desk

Those thin clients sound really interesting... A coworker has been big 
into the Linux Terminal Server Project; sounds like these'd work great. 
What do you want for a couple of them?


Sorry for posting to the list, but a private email got me this reply 
from mail.zill.net:
The Postfix program
unknown user: "patrick"

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