[rescue] Anybody want these beige macs?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 16 03:39:19 CDT 2005

FedEx Ground from their own service counter is cheapest - find a FedEx 
Hub/Service Counter and ship from there...

No special "Fees" to cover expensive space in strip mall ;^)


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> On 4/15/05, Jeffrey Nonken <jjn_rescue at nonken.net> wrote:
>> Assuming a shipping weight of 49 lbs 8 oz, and given a box big enough to
>> have a reasonable amount of packing, USPS Parcel Post will be about $45. 
>> I
>> would ship the keyboard, mouse, and any parts I had to pull (to keep the
>> weight down) in a separate box. I figured that would be around $5, plus 
>> or
>> minus. I did run the calculations on the USPS web site. (I've been 
>> selling
>> stuff on eBay, so I've got practice doing this. :) UPS is more expensive.
> I'd check FedEx Ground for rates.  They are consistently cheaper than
> any of the above, and you can ship from any Kinkos, since FedEx own
> them now.
> When I was doing a lot of EBay stuff year before last, essentially I found
> if something was going to cost more than flat rate USPS priority or
> around $10 via parcel post, FedEx ground would be the best rate.  I
> sent huge electronic keyboard (music) with it's folding metal stand and
> stool for ~$60 iirc.
> =Nadine=
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