[rescue] Sun and other gear available cheap!

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Fri Apr 15 21:09:46 CDT 2005

Hi  All,

As I mentioned before, I am on the board of directors of
FreeGeekPenn.org .  As such, I cannot myself buy this stuff ... but I
can tell you all about it!  

Read all the way to the bottom for what I think is the crowning jewel!

All of the following is located in Ephrata, PA :

these are all mint, new-in-box - they were purchased and then never used

qty 1 of HP 20" Trinitron A4033 , Sony tube, multisync, 5 BNC inputs

qty 2 of HP 19" A2094, fixed frequency

qty 1 of Hitachi HM-4219-D-AA 


Solbourne Systems (SPARC clones) KBus and SMD disk cabinet

these suckers are HEAVY deskside cabinets; but are not very much
larger in size than the 4/260's



for more info, and pictures (just go to /Solbourne/ for the index)

qty 2 "820" cabinets - pretty sure these are SMD  drive cabinets

qty 2 4/600 CPU in cabinets the same size as the 820 cabinets

all but one of the 820's has wheels on it.  Pretty sure the 4/600s are


Sun 4/260 

2 of these with CPUs, plus one setup as a disk cabinet (from what I can tell)

again, these are supposed to be working condition


Sun kit:

two 511 cases, 3-row SCSI connectors:

qty 1 Sun 511 case 595-1372, microp 1355, tosh mk156fa;
qty 1 Sun 511 


SunVision FCS 1.0 tape

OpenWindows ver2 sunbin, 
OpenWindows  ver2 sun4, 

Sun 1.3 Fortran for sun3/ sun4/ sun386i ; 

a HUGE pile of Solbourne and Sun binders

other cabling and connectors


Sun 3/60, excellent shape, hardly any fading or sun damage on it

Other stuff:

qty 6 IBM thin clients 8361-110

- these ran either an embedded OS and X server, or
you can netboot Linux or NetBSD (IIRC) from them.  

- no power supply, I am told they take a 16V ThinkPad power supply
- very small, about the size of a trade paperback book
- have mounting holes so you can mount to a wall or under a desk


What APPEARS to be a complete 3/60 motherboard, pristine, with no
chips on it, just the massive, 16 by 14 inch (or whatever) PCB.  

There are 2 of these and they would probably look pretty awesome
framed.  They are absolutely clean and are not scratched or faded or


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