[rescue] Anybody want these beige macs?

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 14:24:51 CDT 2005

On 4/15/05, Jeffrey Nonken <jjn_rescue at nonken.net> wrote:
> Assuming a shipping weight of 49 lbs 8 oz, and given a box big enough to
> have a reasonable amount of packing, USPS Parcel Post will be about $45. I
> would ship the keyboard, mouse, and any parts I had to pull (to keep the
> weight down) in a separate box. I figured that would be around $5, plus or
> minus. I did run the calculations on the USPS web site. (I've been selling
> stuff on eBay, so I've got practice doing this. :) UPS is more expensive.

I'd check FedEx Ground for rates.  They are consistently cheaper than
any of the above, and you can ship from any Kinkos, since FedEx own
them now.

When I was doing a lot of EBay stuff year before last, essentially I found
if something was going to cost more than flat rate USPS priority or
around $10 via parcel post, FedEx ground would be the best rate.  I
sent huge electronic keyboard (music) with it's folding metal stand and
stool for ~$60 iirc.


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