[rescue] Anybody want these beige macs?

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Fri Apr 15 08:28:28 CDT 2005

As I recall this list is not just for Sun computers. I hope that's still true.

I've got a couple 5400/200 Power Macintoshes that I'm trying to move. Or 
rather, trying to not move, as there won't be much room to spare in the 
truck. I just hate to throw them away, they're nice little machines. I 
wouldn't mind a couple bux for 'em but I just want to find them a good home.

Unfortunately shipping is impractical as they have built-in monitors. USPS 
would cost something like $50 each. They weigh about about 52 lbs/24 kg 
each. So I'm hoping somebody local to the Philadelpha area is willing to 
pick them up. I'm willing to meet you partway if the drive would not be 
unreasonable. I may also be willing to pull out parts and ship them without 
the case/monitor if you need them to repair an existing unit.

Both machines come with mouse, keyboard, 200 MHz 603ev processor, 72 meg of 
RAM, integrated monitor, integrated CDROM and floppy drives, and a 10 mbps 
ethernet card in the option slot. There is also an empty PCI slot. They 
take standard IDE drives so upgrade should be simple. The original 
Springfield Middle School inventory numbers are visible on the cases (not 
shown in the pictures).

This machine (named Atalanta) has a 515 mb hard drive and is missing the 
tab keycap. As you can see from the picture, the kids had fun with markers 
and stickers.


This machine (named Hippomenes) has a 1 gb hard drive. The keyboard has 
some of the school's coloured stickers.


I live in Wyndmoor, near NW Philly, Chestnut Hill area, just off 309 at 
Paper Mill Rd, a few miles from the Ft. Washington turnpike exit.

Some general information about the 5400: http://www.nonken.net/mac/info5400.htm

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