[rescue] ss10 upgrades ?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Apr 12 13:50:34 CDT 2005

" From: mike tuffs <tuffsfamily at mac.com>
" 40 Mhz CPU
" 128 mb RAM (5 cards)
" 9 gb SCSI
" GX graphics
" clean install of sol 2.6 with a root account with no password (yeah)
" So:
" Should I stick with Sol 2.6 or is there something better ? ( I might 
" try & run some work stuff, which will want a later version of 
" Solaris...)

2.6 is pretty good; i ran a ss2/weitek with 128M for years on it.  i
think you'll want more ram for s8 or s9 to perform well though, but
that's getting to be pretty cheap on ebay.

" Looking on the web there are faster/multi processor options available - 
" does anyone have any old mbus
" cpus ?

they're getting pretty cheap on ebay too, and obp 2.25r even show up
fairly often.

if you're hardware oriented, you can burn your own 2.25 from craig
dewick's image under http://www.sunshack.org/data/
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