[rescue] Sun 21" trinitron and vertical Elite3d's to get rid of (SF bay area)

Atom rescue at port11.net
Mon Apr 11 23:45:52 CDT 2005

Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

>Online ordering is funny sometimes:
>    21" IBM (Sony) monitor: $150 (used)
>    Shipping:		    $100
Sobe Ice Tea $1.50
Trip to your local well known dumpster $1.25 (gas)
Finding a dumpster full with 19"-21" Dell Flatscreen Monitors having 
been rained on for 3 days $Priceless

Turns out next to the monitors where about the same amount of empty dell 
lcd boxes so I guess $company upgraded to LCD's and tossed "old" monitors.

I was tempted to take 1 or 2 21" but they where just tooo wet and water 
came pooring out of them.


-- a

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