[rescue] Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 1.0

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Mon Apr 11 16:03:08 CDT 2005


*                                                   *
*  VCF / Midwest 1.0 "Lite"                         *
*                                                   *
*  Sat-Sun, May 28-29                               *
*  Purdue University: West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 *
*                                                   *

Purdue's IEEE Computer Society will be sponsoring the first Midwest-area 
Vintage Computer Festival on May 28-29.  We are currently looking for 
people who want to exhibit, and potential speakers for the event.  If
you want to do either, or know someone who might, please have them get 
in contact with us at vcfmw at computer-refuge.org.  Also, if you are 
planning on attending, please send mail, so we can get a rough 
attendance count.

More information on the event and the West Lafayette area are posted up
at: http://computer-refuge.org/vcfmw/

Back now to your regularly scheduled programming.

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