[rescue] Free (almost) stuff

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Apr 10 19:34:52 CDT 2005

I'm (slowly) involved in cleaning up and getting rid of stuff I
am not going to use, etc...

If your local, the stuff is free.... if you need an item shipped,
it's $5-$10 + actual shipping depending on the # of items.

2 Sun SLC CPU boards (1 w/NVRAM (probably bad), and 1 w/o)
  (I believe these are goth good)
  (I do not have an SLC/ELC anylonger to test these in)

3 Sun ELC CPU boards (1 w/NVRAM (probably bad), and 2 w/o)
  (one of these may be bad, the other two are believed to be good)
  (I do not have an SLC/ELC anylonger to test these in)

Some sort of ISA Cyclades? multi serial port board, back of card
  has a male DB37 connector.  The MC68605FN10 chip on board looks
  up on line as something to do with serial and X.25.  I know nothing
  more about this board (has what looks like the cyclades logo on it _.-

Fore Systems ForeRunner LE PCI ATM Card (IDT-ACCA0028-0001-05898724 ???)

? brand PCI ATM Card (H05575-002 Rev A00)

Syquest Sparq 1.0GB internal IDE drive (Model SPARQ1AI)

External Syquest EZ135 parallel port drive Model EZ135EXT,P/PORT
   includes power supply and unit, no parallel port cable included

Syquest SQ555 internal scsi 44Meg drive unit with scsi id select cable
   and switch.

Maxtor internal RXT-800S Optical drive (5.25" Full Height)
   no discs

2 Compaq 4 Gig SCSI drive trays (minus drives)  Compaq Pn 336380-001
   These take inch height SCSI SCA drives and adapt them to the 
   Compaq edge connector backplanes.

6 HP C2490A-012 Wide SCSI differential (HVD)

5 (or 6?) IBM DPRA-20810 2.5" IDE drives (these are the 'thick'
   form factor laptop drives)  810MB capacity

I'll have more stuff in the future, but this is what I have
'in my way' right now.

Again, this is free for local pickup in Sharon, MA, or $5-$10
plus actual ship depending on the # of items you want (and this
is only to cover packing materials/time).

Items that are unclaimed will move from the 'find new home' pile
to the 'longing for dumpster' pile.

Everything here has not been tested by me except for the 810MB
2.5" IDE drives where I briefly tested about a year ago.  A long
time ago I had tested all the SLC/ELC mainboards, and as I recall
all worked except possibly for one ELC board.

All this stuff is as is, but it was not pulled from my 'dead 
hardware' pile... which is part of the 'longing for dumpster'
pile...  I wouldn't waste the lists time if I thought this stuff
was bad.

If there is something here you want, let me know before next weekend
or it gets moved to the 'longing for dumpster' pile.

-- Curt

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