[rescue] Sun 21" trinitron and vertical Elite3d's to get rid of (SF bay area)

Janet L. Campbell janet at foonly.com
Thu Apr 7 18:42:09 CDT 2005

Well, due to some juggling of systems (and influx of laptops) I have an
extra monitor.  This is a nice one, a 21" GDM-5010PT (X7121A/365-1383),
and does 1600x1200x75Hz sharp and clear.  It's the last generation before
they turned purple all over, it's got the beige bezel.  Dual-input, 13W3
cable and HD15 (DE15) inputs, works fine on a PC, yada yada.  I can throw
in an HD15 cable.

The catch is that I really do not want to ship it, it's just not worth it.  
You can pick it up in 95006 or I can deliver it in the south bay area.  
Best offer, I know the bottom has fallen out of the CRT market.

Also a few vertical Elite3d M3 UPA boards (X3677A/501-5574), 1280x1024, 
13W3.  I can send these off for $20 + shipping or so.

Time to clean out the shed next...


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