[rescue] Sun's new policy sucks...

Dieter Montanez dietermontanez at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 7 16:41:06 CDT 2005

this one work fine (until yesterday)

wget ftp://patches.sun.com/patchroot/all_unsigned/xxx.zip


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" From: "William Enestvedt" <William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu>
" Bill asked:
" > >
" > > just try to download Solaris 10 patches...
" >
" > smpatch?  or http://patches.sun.com ?
" >
"    Heck, I have a contract, and couldn't even get the Recommended
" cluster for Solaris 8 last night via http from the SunSolve web site,
" though individual patches would download. They shut off ftp some time
" ago, I think, which bugs me.
" -wde
" --

i don't have a s10 system and i didn't try to d/l anything, but i just
went to ftp://patches.sun.com/all_unsigned, and the few s10 patches i
looked for were there.
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