[rescue] Re: Sun's new policy sucks

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Thu Apr 7 13:13:08 CDT 2005

And it appears that in addition to changing their policy with regards to 
patches they've also instituted (as of two days ago) changes to access to 
the Sun System Handbook information:


And I quoteth

"Access to SunSolve and the Sun System Handbook has changed Sun has streamlined 
 online support. Access to information on SunSolve and in the Sun System 
 Handbook had changed.

 SunSolve and the Handbook provide information to two different audiences:

 (1) the general Sun Community
 (2) Sun Service Plan or Contract customers

 As of April 5, 2005, the information available to each audience is based on the following guidelines:

 Available to the general Sun Community:

    * On SunSolve: Security Information
    * Resolved Sun Alerts
    * Patch Descriptions (a.k.a. Patch ReadMe documents)
    * Archived SunSolve content
    * Limited Access to the SunSolve Knowledgebase
    * Sun Support Forums
    * Big Admin

    * In the Sun System Handbook: Hardware Specifications
    * Related Documentation
    * Limited Full Component List (FCL) Information

 Available to Service Plan or Contract customers:

    * On SunSolve: Everything available to the general Sun Community listed 
    * Full Access to the SunSolve Knowledgebase

    * In the Sun System Handbook: Full access to Sun System Handbook information
    * A complete Full Component List (FCL)
    * System Views
    * Component / Device Information
    * Reference Lists
    * Index Pages

Well...that bites.

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