[rescue] Sun's new policy sucks...

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Thu Apr 7 10:30:08 CDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 10:50:40AM -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:
> Bill wrote:
> >
> > Wait a minute, I guess you are right - no more contract
> > patches via FTP.
> >
> > That blows.
> >
>    That blows a horn. That blows, indeed, like the whole brass section.
>    I don't run a web browser on my servers, thankyouverymuch, though I
> don't especially mind cranking up FTP once in a while to grab a patch.
> Or I _didn't_ mind, since now I can't.

What's so evil about sticking wget or curl on your servers?  I prefer to
grab stuff by wget anyway, and on my web/mail server I prefer to grab
files via http over ftp (something about my firewall rules keeps ftp
from working).

Joshua D. Boyd
jdboyd at jdboyd.net

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