[rescue] Sound recording (was: Gravis Ultrasound)

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Tue Apr 5 14:31:01 CDT 2005

" From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at tandem.artell.net>
"  []
" Speaking of which ... I have a number (heh) of LPs that never have been
" issued as CDs (else I'd just buy the bloody CDs), and I'd like to make CDs
" of them.  Is the stuff that comes with IRIX good enough for this, or is
" there something better?  I'd especially like something that's smart enough
" to start new tracks automatically after each inter-song gap on the LP.

i digitized a bunch o' old tapes on my mother's imac/osx a few years
ago.  i don't recall what tool i used, but it was either free/share or
had a demo/trial period.  i then compressed them to mp3 and burned a
cd with itunes 3.  itunes 4 can't do most of that, which is why i kept
3 around...

the digitizer tool lets you cut and splice the audio file.  all i did
though was trim the leading and trailing silences.

btw most of the tapes were 'hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy'
airchecks i made when i volunteered at a radio station, and it came on
just before our show.  but i'm missing the ep where zaphod goes into
the total perspective vortex.	;^<

ford: eddies in the space-time continuum!
arthur [vaguely]: he is, is he?
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