[rescue] ultra2 power-on without keyboard??

Paul H obi at frozenphoenix.net
Tue Apr 5 12:20:50 CDT 2005

It should have a switch on the back of the powersupply to turn it on. 
Mine is in a rack with no keyboard, just use the seral console.


stephen price wrote:

>There has been some discussion of Ultra2's recently,
>and I have run across a problem that was, I'm sure,
>solved long ago - so I need somebody to remind me what
>the solution is/was.
>I have an Ultra2 that I want to rack and run off a
>pc-style kvm with a sun keyboard/mouse converter.
>So hook it all up - and of course, it won't power on
>without a type5 keyboard to push the power button.  I
>remember vaguely something about the power supply
>keeping a last power-on memory state or something like
>So to allow me to power-on/off without keeping a type5
>keyboard handy.....what is / was the "fix"??
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