[rescue] Cleaning the garage....E250 Chassis, Motherboard, etc

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue Apr 5 09:34:18 CDT 2005

I've got an E250 chassis with dual power supplies, motherboard, floppy
and I can probably scrounge up a hard drive with sled, and a CD drive.
No CPUs or memory.

Good working system, just pulled the CPU and ram for an E220R that I've
got here.

It's a heavy beast, so shipping isn't a good option unless you've got 
access to
a shipping company) so local pick up. I'm in the Atlanta area.

Best offer gets it.


p.s. Anybody interested in cart tapes?  Got a box of them with various
stuff on them (actually one is labeled Symbolics but not sure if that's
what's on it).  Yours for the price of shipping...

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