[rescue] E450 CPU problems

D.A. Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Fri Apr 1 00:19:35 CST 2005

Just picked up 4x400Mhz CPUs for my E450, system board 501-5270. I got three
501-5446 and one 501-5239, all 4mb cache CPUs.
If I'm lucky, the 450 will see one of them at boot. After a reset-all and a
probe-all, I can see up to three of them at the OBP show-devs command.
Solaris10 occasionally sees up to two of them, but disables one of them with a
fail-Master disable warnings.
The .post command reveals no errors. .asr shows all CPUs as OK. I've checked
the upa-scan environment variables, and all is OK.
If I run obdiag, it only tests whatever CPUs I have at show-devs, and says
they are fine. The OBP banner never shows more than one CPU.

Any ideas, or do I have some sort of subtle CPU failure that the 450 can't detect?

Dave Muran-de Assereto

Aude Sapere!
Carpe Scientia!

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