[rescue] DEC VAXstation 3100

Todd Carson tc+rescue at jc.dsl.telerama.com
Wed Sep 29 22:07:35 CDT 2004

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 10:07:45PM -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> Getting VMS is, of course, yet another hurdle...

The hobbyist program is quite good. I'm trying to teach myself VMS right
now on my rescued DEC 3000, and for $30 I got OpenVMS 7.3-1, the C and
FORTRAN compilers, DECwindows, and UCX (which I replaced with TCPware,
which is free with a hobbyist license, as is MultiNet).

And since you'll be getting the VAX kit, you'll get many more layered
products on the hobbyist CD than I did with the Alpha CD.

Of course, I first received my DECUS number back in early July, but the
hobbyist website didn't start accepting it until a few weeks ago. YMMV.

Todd Carson
tc at telerama.com

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