[rescue] DEC VAXstation 3100

Geoff Koehler koehler at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 29 21:29:19 CDT 2004

Hi All,
Vaxstation 3100's will take a standard narrow SCSI drive, although I 
dont know if the hardware will support a 9G drive, although I cant 
think of a reason why not.  VMS is easy to get - just go to 
http://www.montagar.com/hobbyist and order your CD's.  You will have to 
get a free membership in the canadian association of compaq users.  Use 
the site to get your licenses.

My microvax runs openvms 7.1 with TCP/IP services and mail.  I have the 
cobol, fortran, C, and Pascal compilers for it, all with licenses - its 
part of the hobbyist program.  Its great for that retro feeling....  
Now if I could just find an old card-punch machine.....

Geoff Koehler
Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
Home of the SART Observatory

On Wednesday, September 29, 2004, at 08:07 PM, Charles Shannon Hendrix 

> I can get a 3100 from work if I remove the hard drive in it.
> What kinds of SCSI drives can I use with one of these machines?
> I'll obviously have to use a wide->narrow converter, but what about
> drive sizes?
> For example, could I put a 9GB drive in a 3100 and install VMS on it?
> Getting VMS is, of course, yet another hurdle...
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