[rescue] Rescue my garage!!

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Mon Sep 27 21:52:35 CDT 2004

ARGH!! Some of this has got to go..

Local pickup only (within reason.. could be talked into a bit of a trip..) Hampstead, NH (Hour north of Boston).

Lots of Sun Sparc 4's.. (8 or 9?)
want em? come get em.. going in trash soon..
   most have 32 or 64 Meg ram, and 2 or 4 gig drives.. might 1 gig drives.. 
   all have video cards, mostly CG6.. 

Vax 4000-200 Pedestal unit
   3 drives, type unknown.
   main board with 2 labels, MS 650-BA / M7622-a, and KA660 / M7626-AA
   2nd card with M650-BB / M7622-A
   TK-70 Tape Drive.

Sun 690MP
   2 cases with IPI drives, 1 gig ea? think 10 drive? 8 drives? total..
   2 cpu cards, did have booted on one of the card the other year, but CPUs pulled from card.
   scsi cd-rom..
   in it's rack with all face parts.

Sun 3/280
   Believe was upgraded to a 4/280 internally, have not seen this one booted.
   9 track vertical tape drive.
   2 fitjitsu Eagle drives.
   in Sun Rack.
   unit really looks good.

   Make offers/trade/adopt..
   looking for large SCSI drives or ham gear.. or multiple fc-al drives.. 
   but really want my garage back more then anything, and to see these in a good home.


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