[rescue] Sun Sparcs and drive enclosures for sale/trade in Exton/Philly, PA

Andrew Schaefer andrew at schaefer.nu
Fri Sep 24 15:18:10 CDT 2004

1x Sparc 1+  no frame buffer  (I have several sbus frame buffers lying
around untested, will give you all of them if you like)
1x Sparc 2 /w frame buffer

I have no idea what version of SunOS/Solaris might be on these, I haven't
played with them in quite a while.  They were working last time I used them,
and suspect they still are.  I think they have somewhere between 4 and 32 mb
ram, although, again, I don't remember.  I know if I fire them up to check
I'll just start playing with them.

I also have 4 external scsi drive enclosures (with whatever scsi interface
the sparc 1 & 2's use:
2x sun hdd cases, empty
2x generic cases, with drives unknown size/condition
I've got scsi cables lying around for them as well.

I'd like to trade for a working vt100/120 dumb terminal.  Short of that,
make me an offer.  I'm in the Exton, PA area (30 min from Philly) and am
willing to drive a bit to trade for the dumb terminal, otherwise this is


Andrew Schaefer
andrew at schaefer.nu

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